Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Korea Trip (Part 1)

Hi and Assalamualaikum~

Waaahhhh..... it's been a long time since my last post.... hehehe...Many things happen while I'm not updating this blog...

My Trip to Korea was awesome!!! Finally been in a same place with my fav singers and artist...
Been around Seoul, Busan and Everland was the best thing happen to me as this is my first time in Korea.

Have u guys seen this ajussi in TV before?? At that time he performed at the front of  Gyeongbok Palace

The wind was so strong... My scarf was about to blown away... huhuh.. =(
 My second day, went to Busan by Free Shuttle Bus provided by Korea Tourism Organization for foreigners only (U hv to book to get in the bus). The journey took about 6 hours from Seoul. It was so tiring to go there... We arrive at Busan Lotte Hotel and from there, need to take subway to the Busan Station.

At Busan, we stayed at SUM Guesthouse and we just walk from Busan Station in 3 minutes. The place is good and nice... Definitely will stay there if I go to Busan..

In front of Busan Station

The room at SUM Guesthouse

My bed~
 After checked in we went to Jagalchi market and Gukje Market which some people said famous with its seafood. The place was so crowded as we went there on weekend. But the price for seafood was so expensive so we couldn't get to taste it.

Busan is also famous International Film Festival.

Busan International Film Festival Gate

We went to Busan Tower park after visiting those markets. The flower clock is so pretty. At first, I thought the clock is not working but I came nearer it's actually working. =)

Flower clock at Busan Tower Park

Busan Tower

We reach Haeundae Beach at night around 8.30PM KST. A lot of people especially couples was there. It looks like a beautiful scenery as family and couple go there and spend their time with their loved one.
Haeundae Beach at night view

We went to Gwangan Bridge or known as Diamond Bridge as when it comes to night, the view is beautiful.
Gwangan Bridge aka Diamond Bridge
 We went back to Seoul by taking the fastest train in Korea, KTX from Busan. It just took about 3 hours journey.
Inside KTX Train from Busan to Seoul

I will continue my trip on next part....


  1. Sis, next post you should include something about Yongseo. keke~

    1. of course i will.... just wait~ hehehe...