Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Korea Trip (part 6)

Hi guys... Today I'll update on my Korea Trip. It was our 6th day in Seoul and we spent our time to go to Myeongdong, Lotte World, Star Avenue and Itaewon.

We start our day with Lotte World,

An introduction.. 

Lotte World is divided into a '’Adventure’ theme once you are inside the building, and outside is a ‘Magic Island’ theme next to Seokchonhosu Lake. Lotte World Adventure has certain districts representing different countries with various kinds of facilities and souvenir shops. You can enjoy watching parades, numerous films, laser shows, and a variety of international cuisines even during the holidays. Magic Island is situated outdoors, where the dazzling Magic Castle is located as well as thrilling high-altitude rides that you can't experience elsewhere. Be sure to also check out the peaceful walking trail around the lake. 

For more info, click Lotte World and for guidance, Visit Korea: Lotte World

Adventure (Indoor) theme

Me with horses

Felt like a little girl riding a horse

Can any of you recognize the painting?

The scene from above inside the building


In front of 'Magical Island' gate

One of the game in there

The sign of Lotte World

We plan to go back to Seoul but not after we found a place called, Star Avenue. It is inside Lotte Department Store at basement. At first, we thought we have to buy the ticket to enter but when the promoter said that we don't have to pay because we already bought ticket to Lotte World, then it's free. It's like a Hollywood museum because the things inside it is a personal things of our favourite Korean star like Choi Ji Woo, Jang Geun Suk and Kim Hyun Jung.

Jang Geun Suk, my favourite actor

After that, we went to Itaewon. The place which is famous for immigrants and so many foreigners there that we sometimes thought we are in other country not Korea. So the first place that we went is a Halal Restaurant, Murree Restaurant. We ate our late lunch there with starving stomach because we didn't eat any when we in Lotte World. Huhu..

The reason why we went to Itaewon is just that it is the place where the biggest mosque in Korea.

Introduction of the Mosque.

The Seoul Central Mosque opened in 1976 in ItaewonSeoul. It is located in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu. It holds lectures in EnglishArabic, and Korean. Friday (Jummah) prayers regularly attract up to 800 worshipers at 1pm, the majority of them being of ArabIndianPakistani or Turkish descent. As the only mosque in Seoul, it has become somewhat of a tourist attraction for Koreans to visit on weekends to hear talks given on Islam. The mosque has been subject to a handful of incidents, most notably when men armed with swords entered the mosque, which consequently required the police to protect the mosque for a number of months following the incident.

We spent our last hour in Myeongdong to buy some cosmetic and gift. And below pics is me and my favourite actor, Cha Seung Won or Dokkojin ahjussi (his role in 'Greatest Love' drama).

Will continue next time... Annyeong!!!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

My Love in Cooking!!!

Hi everyone! It's me again but nope, I'm not sharing my trip in Korea but I want to share about my love in cooking...

First picture is my Lasagne... I did it as my first time and because I love to eat, why not try to make it myself, right?

Second, my first time Red Bean Paste filled Bun. I learn a bit from my father as he really good in making a bread (for me though). Since I love red bean more than any filling, so I use my home-made red bean paste to filled it. Looks Yummy~

Third, Berry Cheesecake. First of all, I don't know the name of the berry because I picked the fruit just behind my house's backyard and my father did plant it so I got blur on the name. But still the taste is good and delicious~

Fourth, Fruit Tart. It came to my mind when my family and I plan to visit my aunty. And we thought that why not made something that is simple and yet beautiful looking. We plan to put Kiwi fruit as well but at that time I didn't have so just using strawberries and peaches.

Fifth, Oreo Cheesecake. I used crush Oreo biscuit that I bought from shop. The same recipe as the cheesecake that I made before. I just replace the berries with Oreo. Hehehe...

This is my favourite so far, Blueberry Cheese Tart. I found the recipe in internet and thought that I should try to make it. And walla, it's done!! I did it...

My first attempt to make Red Velvet Cake. It kinda look like a very moist red velvet cake. Yes, it is. But what make me a bit frustrated is that the frosting that I made runny and not frosting. Huhuhu... I'll try to make it better next time. Hwaiting!!

Pavlova. The one that I never eat it before but I want to try to make it. This is actually my neighbour, Madihah's plan. Then I asked her to come to my house and do it together. And here is the result.. Beautiful, right??

My first time home-made chocolate. I just do it two days ago. Isn't it cute??

I had try so many cooking but only few of it that I captured. Hehehe.. I'll share the next time I cook something. Thanks again to view my blog and following me~

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Korea Trip (Part 5 - B)

Back from Nami Island, we went to 3D Trick Eye Museum. It located in Hongdae, Seoul. It was a small art gallery in basement. So, people won't notice the place unless you can see the signboard showing the gallery. All painting is in 3D where we can see like real!!!

For more info on this gallery, you can find it here, KTO: Santorini Museum or can visit the official site of it, Trick Eye Museum

Check out some of the photos below!!

See you in next post!!! =)