Tuesday, 18 September 2012

My Love in Cooking!!!

Hi everyone! It's me again but nope, I'm not sharing my trip in Korea but I want to share about my love in cooking...

First picture is my Lasagne... I did it as my first time and because I love to eat, why not try to make it myself, right?

Second, my first time Red Bean Paste filled Bun. I learn a bit from my father as he really good in making a bread (for me though). Since I love red bean more than any filling, so I use my home-made red bean paste to filled it. Looks Yummy~

Third, Berry Cheesecake. First of all, I don't know the name of the berry because I picked the fruit just behind my house's backyard and my father did plant it so I got blur on the name. But still the taste is good and delicious~

Fourth, Fruit Tart. It came to my mind when my family and I plan to visit my aunty. And we thought that why not made something that is simple and yet beautiful looking. We plan to put Kiwi fruit as well but at that time I didn't have so just using strawberries and peaches.

Fifth, Oreo Cheesecake. I used crush Oreo biscuit that I bought from shop. The same recipe as the cheesecake that I made before. I just replace the berries with Oreo. Hehehe...

This is my favourite so far, Blueberry Cheese Tart. I found the recipe in internet and thought that I should try to make it. And walla, it's done!! I did it...

My first attempt to make Red Velvet Cake. It kinda look like a very moist red velvet cake. Yes, it is. But what make me a bit frustrated is that the frosting that I made runny and not frosting. Huhuhu... I'll try to make it better next time. Hwaiting!!

Pavlova. The one that I never eat it before but I want to try to make it. This is actually my neighbour, Madihah's plan. Then I asked her to come to my house and do it together. And here is the result.. Beautiful, right??

My first time home-made chocolate. I just do it two days ago. Isn't it cute??

I had try so many cooking but only few of it that I captured. Hehehe.. I'll share the next time I cook something. Thanks again to view my blog and following me~

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