Monday, 20 January 2014

Korea Festival Day at UPM Serdang

On 12th May 2013, Korean Language House had been a co-supporter for Korean Festival Day in UPM, Serdang, Selangor. This event was hold to promote Korean heritage and culture together with Hallyu Wave that happen in Malaysia.

From the photos below, you can see a few booth with a lot of interesting stuff like KPOP merchandise, Korean souvenir, Korean language lesson's books and Korean food.

You can see me at the food booth since I'm selling Kimbap (Seaweed Roll), Kimchi pancake and Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cake) there.  Hehehehe~ The most selling food on that day was tteokbokki because I cooked it so when the customer bought, it still hot.

Not only that, it also had traditional games and Hanbok trial for those who want to play the games and try the traditional costumes of Korea.

And not to forget, during the event, both our booth (Korean Language House and food booths) had a special guest, Erul AF. I may not know him but a friend told me that he won in a KPOP contest and represent Malaysia for season 2 of KPOP Star Hunt. Had a great time chating with him and share our passion towards Korea.

Ok, that's all for this post. Next will be about my trip to Korea with my parents on June 2013. Enjoy the pics~

If you have anything to ask related to Korean lesson or food, don't hesitate to ask or comment here.