Friday, 13 July 2012

My Korea Trip (part 3)

I'm back with part 3... I'm so busy these days that makes me delay on updating my trip story. I'm so sorry... 요즘 제가 너무 바빠서 이 이야기를 늦어서 미안해요~ ㅠ_ㅠ

In this part, I'll write on my journey on my third day in Korea. The day started when we get back from Busan to Seoul by the fastest train in Korea, KTX. 

The Magazine inside the train

The environment in KTX

View from the window where can see that we were reaching at Yongsan Station

The journey took about 3 hours from 10.30AM to 1.30PM when we arrived in Seoul Station. As we are back in Seoul on Monday, the station was really crowd of people. Upon arriving, me n my friends need to find the office of Naminara Republic as we need to pay the Nami Island shuttle bus reservation fee on that day. We asked the information centre on how we can go there. It's actually in Insadong. So after that, we rush back to the subway and went to Jongno 3 station to reach the office. Once we there, we took our time to relax and go back to the guest house that we stay from the first day.

Around 4PM, we departed to Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower as people might say it. We went there by taking subway to Myeongdong station by exit 2. From there, we walked for about 20 minutes to reach at the cable car. At first, we thought the road just a bit steep from what we asked someone that know how to go there but it's actually tiring because it's like we have to climb a hill. 

Once we reached, all of us feel so relieved that we were at the cable car. We bought the 'Round trip ticket' which just cost around KRW 8,000 because the price for one trip ticket is KRW 6,000. The view from cable car was so beautiful. 

Once we reach Seoul Tower area, we went straight away to the place where couples lock their love with padlock. You can see thousands of padlocks were there with so many shape.

Me in front of padlock tree

After that, we go inside Teddy Bear Museum. I'm so excited as I can see a lot of cute teddy bears with their own characters from ancient times to today.

The teddy bears from ancient times
 Below is the video where you can see the bears is moving!!!

During wedding from ancient time

Watch the video!!!

Me with teddy bear family!!
 After we finish touring the room 1, we went to room 2 where the bears is in western lifestyle. Check it below.

Check the video below~

The bear is dancing!!!

The break-dance teddy bear~

Wedding day!!

There is one corner that caught my sight... It's 'Goong' drama corner!!! Do you know Alfred?? The teddy bear of Crown Prince Shin. 

At the front of Seoul Tower main entrance 
We continue our third day to Myeongdong, the heaven of cosmetics, branded clothes and KPOP merchandise. The place is very near to Seoul Tower.

The view in Myeongdong

The pic is quite blur.. huhu... In front of Nature Republic store in Myeongdong

My fav maknae from Girls Generation, Seohyun!! Seohyun's standee of The Face Shop

Jang Geun Suk's standee of Nature Republic. Wee~ =)

After shopping in Myongdong, we were starving for food so we went to Shindangdong where it's famous for their Spicy Rice Cake. The place also called as 'Shindangdong Tteokbokki Town' (Shindangdong Spicy Rice Cake Town). I'm so excited because this is where my favourite couple from We Got Married, Yongseo couple went to on their first and last episode.
Welcome to Shindangdong Ttekbokki Town!!

This is the restaurant that we went to. 

Morning Glory Shop (Yongseo couple used to shop in this place)
Ok guys, that's all for today.... See you for another part.... =)

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