Thursday, 9 August 2012

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Ingredients for Korean food

Hi there,

Following my Korean food that I posted before, here is some ingredients from Korean store.

From left; Yubu Chobap packet, Jajjang (Black Bean paste), Seaweed

Yubu Chobap Kit (upclose)
 From the packet, it will turn to this:

And from this seaweed,
Seaweed for making soup
It will turn to be this seaweed soup (Miyeok Guk)

 From these ingredients, it will make spicy rice cake.
Ddeok (Rice Cake), Gochujjang (Chili paste)

Picture below for making Kimbap (Seaweed Roll)
This ingredient for Kimbap; Seaweed and cooked tuna flakes

Ingredients for Red Bean Porridge is just Red Bean Paste that I made;

That's all for today. I'll update about my trip to Korea part 5 soon. Please be patient~

Monday, 6 August 2012

My Home-made Korean Food

Assalamualaikum and Hi Guys~

Today I would like to share my home-made Korean food that I already made. I love to cook and all of these foods, my favourite is Kimchi and Kimbap.

First, Kimchi. This is not my first time but already sixth time. And I made this one 2 weeks ago when my kimchi stock in my house already finish.
Napa Cabbage Kimchi

Radish Kimchi
From Kimchi, I can make Kimchi Fried Rice and Tuna Kimchi Stew. It taste so delicious.

Kimchi Bokkeum Bap (Kimchi Fried Rice)

Jamchi Kimchi Jjigae (Tuna Kimchi Stew)

Second, Kimbap. When I first saw the food in Korean drama, I was wondering if it's difficult to make it because to make it roll nicely and pretty. But when I did, it was so simple and really nice try. Hehehhee...
Seaweed Roll (Kimbap)

Next is Kyungdan. It is glutinous rice ball filled with red bean paste inside it. Coated in sesame seed that already blended with sugar.
Kyungdan (Glutinous Rice Ball)

Next picture is Spicy Rice Cake or Ddeokbokki. It may not taste as good as the one in Shindangdong but still this one my family and my friends love it!!
Spicy Rice Cake (Ddeokbokki)

Non-spicy Ddeokbokki

This is Japche or Glass Noodle with Beef/Chicken and Vegetables. The Noodle is made from sweet potato starch and it chewy. When it combined with all ingredients, it taste so good. Nyum... Nyum~
Japche (Glass Noodle with Beef and Vegetables)

This dish called Yubu Chobap or Seasoned Rice in Stuffed Tofu. I bought the packet from Korean store near my place. You just cook the rice and wallah~ it's done!!
Yubu Chobap ( Seasoned Rice in Stuffed Tofu )
 For this Red Bean Porridge, I made the red bean paste by myself and just add water to make it gravy and put some glutinous rice ball inside it till its cooked.
Patjuk (Red Bean Porridge)
These all I can share with you guys. Any question on how to do it or the recipe, you can ask me directly or contact me via facebook.

Till next time... Bye bye~

Friday, 3 August 2012

Korea Trip (Part 4)

Assalamualaikum and Hi there!!

It's been a while since my last update on my trip to Korea..... So here, I'll bring you guys to my forth part of the trip...

On our forth day, we went to a dream land we never thought could reach there, Everland~

An introduction of Everland (Source from Wikipedia),

Everland Resort is a theme park in Yongin, a city in Gyeonggi-do province, South Korea.
Everland is South Korea's largest theme park. With 6.6 million visitors, Everland ranked thirteeth in the world for amusement park attendance in 2011. Along with its main attractions, Everland also includes a zoo and a water park known as Caribbean Bay. Everland is operated by Samsung Everland, which is a subsidiary of the Samsung Group.
The name of the park is of note, as the name "Everland" is English. In Korean, the name is approximated as "Ebeoraendeu" – in other words, there is no authentic Korean name for the park. This park was formerly called "Jayeon Nongwon" which roughly means "Natural Farm". Its former English name was "Farmland".

This picture were taken during the journey before reaching Everland

The front gate of Everland

So much like in the dream land... 


This tree is actually a fake tree =)

Inside the 3D Pororo Adventure


On our way down to other part by Skyway

Another scenery from above

In front of Zootopia~ the character was so cute!!

We had seen the parade on days~

After the parade, we went to sightseeing the park in Everland.... It was so beautiful!

With two ladies of  Secret Garden's Keeper

We stay in Everland till night... the view at night was absolutely amazing!!!

Tulip at night

That's all for this part. Till next part of this trip.... See you soon!!!!