Monday, 29 October 2012

Korea Day 2012 Malaysia

Hi guys~

We meet again... this time I'll post about Korea Day that already been held in 3 days at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre in KL from 12th - 14th October 2012.

This is the first time ever in Malaysia. This event organized by Korea Tourism Organization, Korean Society and Korean Embassy in Malaysia.

Poster of the event

Snow riding prop prepared by KTO
I went to the event on the last day which is Sunday after my Korean class ended. At the time I was there, the Korean Youth Music Festival 2012 had just started. The participants were Korean who live in Malaysia and also from Korea themselves. They performed a few songs and Korean traditional dances. The pictures of the event as below.

Performance by Korean Youth - Male teenagers

Korean Traditional Dance

Korean Traditional Dance 2

Korean Traditional Dance - Fan Dance

Korean Traditional Dance - Fan Dance

 Next performance by Natalie Dance - a dance group from Mon't Kiara with the members are Korean housewives who live in Malaysia.

Performance by Natalie Dance - Roly Poly

Performance by Natalie Dance -  Oppa Oppa

Energetic dance

Still with Natalie Dance

Korean Traditional Dance

Korean Traditional Dance - Drum dance

Korean Traditional Dance- drum dance

Hwangjini Band from Korea play modern song with Korean Traditional Instruments. It's hard to find a teenagers or youth who still can play the traditional instruments. But this band, not only can play the instruments but also they played it with modern songs. Check out the pictures and videos below.

Hwangjini Band

After the performance, I went outside of the exhibition hall to take a look at other booth which selling food and cosmetics.

The front door

Wonder Girls standee to promote Korea National Election from oversea

That's all for this time~ See you guys on next post!!

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